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Recycling of packaging

- CombiPac® the natural answer 

Waste management in Iceland has been changing drastically over recent years. Every household has two waste bins, one for food and another for paper. Plastics and glass as well as other waste are to be delivered at recycling stations were there are different containers for different types of waste. CombiPac® from Promens Stilling A/S, Denmark is the natural answer when it comes to recycling of packaging.
MS Iceland Dairies (Mjólkursamsalan) is a cooperative organisation that includes over 700 of Iceland’s family-run dairy farms and other milk producers across the country. For many years the natural choice of packaging for their “spreadables” products has been CombiPac®, and they are using this packaging for their brands; Smjörvi, Smjör, Létt og Laggott and Klípa.
“In Iceland there is high focus on environmentally friendly packaging and CombiPac® fulfills these requirements” Björn S. Gunnarsson, Director of R&D explains. He also goes on to say that there is now a focus on sorting plastic, metal glass and household waste after it has been used. To fulfill these requirements we have decided that the packaging we are using for our brands Smjörvi, Smjör, Létt og Laggott and Klípa in the future can be separated. This means that when the packaging is empty, the end-user can easily separate the plastic and the cardboard so this can be re-cycled.
I am very satisfied with the final result from Promens and I look forward to our new packaging being in the supermarkets in February next year.
Information about CombiPac®
The unique environmentally friendly packaging CombiPac® saves up to 60% plastic compared to other tub technologies on the market. This is possible because the packaging offers a thin inner foil of plastic and an outer sleeve of cardboard which combines into one package.
CombiPac® offers great versatility, combining unique barrier properties with an exclusive look. The tub comes in numerous shapes and sizes, and there are a choice of decoration techniques for the lid – all depending on specific customer needs.
For further information please contact Managing Director, Torben Aarris Späth
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